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As a teacher/librarian, it has been my privilege to promote the young adult books written by Angela Welch Prusia. Her characters resonate with today's teens because of their authentic voices and real life challenges.  I have also had the pleasure of having Angela as a guest speaker in my Book Club.  She skillfully engaged the students in a meaningful discussion about the writing process, and left a lasting impression.  --Rita

Students enjoyed learning from and writing with a published author whose books they have read. Students had the opportunity to ask questions, learn about Ms. Prusia's brainstorming strategies and writing tips and even got to write and share their work aloud. As a former classroom teacher, Ms. Prusia brought the thrill of an interactive guest speaker and the personality of a teacher with excellent classroom management and effective teaching strategies! --Laura

Angela is an exceptional guest speaker for any classroom, but her ability to spark the passion of future writers is key. She motivates students to continue their journey in writing with hands on, meaningful activities and lessons. I invite her to my classroom every year and encourage others to bring in an amazing guest speaker to ignite the passion of writing! --Kristin

For anyone wanting to provide a real world connection to writing and becoming an author, I highly recommend inviting Angela Prusia to visit your classroom! Angela provides a comfortable atmosphere where kids can openly ask questions, discuss the writing and publishing processes, be inspired and encouraged to follow their dreams, and participate in engaging writing activities. Angela's books are relatable for every young adult reader, regardless of gender or background. The experience of meeting an author is immeasurable for any aspiring young author, as well as any student who has a passion for reading. --Kati

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