Rocks with TRAC
With Izzy

I love teenagers. Your stories are authentic. Your honesty is refreshing. And your enthusiasm is infectious. And since I love to write, my favorite audience is . . . you guessed it, teenagers.

That's also the reason I volunteer with my husband every summer with Teen Reach Adventure Camp, a camp program for teens residing in foster care. In fact, when you purchase one of my books, a portion helps send more teens to camp. 

My stories are 6.8 parts fiction and 3.2 parts crazy stories from my life. I guess that's what happens when I make bets with my stepson and end up in a BMX race . . . or I pretend to be a monkey in a treetop adventure with my daughters . . . or I get caught in a thunderstorm with my husband on a bike several miles from the nearest town. The list goes on . . .

I'm waiting for technology that lets me connect my keyboard to my jet ski or type underwater when I swim laps. Wouldn't that be a scream? I can already imagine the boost to my creativity. Water might very well become my primary habitat.

Life is a crazy adventure meant to be embraced. If our journeys intersect, I'd love to hear about your wildest dreams and your most extraordinary days.